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Film: The What + The Why

Photo by Kati Rosado Photography

Photo by Kati Rosado Photography

2015 has been a year of many changes for The Happy Bloom. We got a new website. We got a new logo. We got a new tagline. "Fine Art Photography" fits snugly just under our new calligraphy-style logo. But you may ask yourself what is fine art? And do I even want fine art photographers as my photographer? 

What is fine art photography, you ask? It’s a style of photography that emphasizes emotion. We pride ourselves in slowing down a wedding day and focusing on this emotion. We take our time. We watch carefully. We wait for it. We wait for that one special moment. Wait for it. Wait. Almost. There. The way that your husband glanced at you. The way your mom put her hand to her lips as you slip on your dress. The way that your grandmother wiped a tear from her eye as you walk down the aisle. Those are the moments we wait for. Those are the moments that you want to remember.

Film helps us make that happen. Film has been around for a very long time and it's what the greats used to use. Film helps us be a better photographer and wait for those special moments.

And what do you mean by film exactly? No, not video. But true film like you used to take to the 1-hour counter at the drug store. It's a bit more complex than that, but the same principles apply. You'll see us throughout the day loading and unloading physical rolls of film into (and out) of our camera. 

But why not just use digital? While we do also use digital on wedding days, anyone with a digital camera can snap hundreds of photos...per MINUTE. And that's sort of what we felt like we were doing. And that's not storytelling. That's killing your battery and praying to God that you just happened to get something good. And we think wedding days are more important than that. 

You can trust that we here at The Happy Bloom have your best interests at heart. You hire us to tell a story. And we promise to tell the best damn story that you've ever read. Not only do we believe that film is just beautiful, we believe that the whole process truly carries more emotion. From the moment we load a roll of film... to the moment we hear that "click" as your future husband sees you walk down the aisle... to the moment the person at the film lab scans your film in...we believe that there is so much love and dedication put into your wedding photos that you can truly feel it jump out at you. You may be thinking "Oh, no. Their work is going to change! Is it going to look old-fashioned or age because it's film?" The answer is not at all. 90% of the images that you see on our website are film. Beautiful color, dreamy backgrounds and soft sunlight...yep. All film. We're excited about this fun journey and we hope that you'll join us. The best is yet to come. 

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Photo by Kati Rosado Photography

Photo by Kati Rosado Photography