Kati + Kevin: The Perfect Southern Engagement

Kati + Kevin are the ideal Southern couple. They are sweet. They are generous. The perfect balance of Southern hospitality and sass. 

We asked the sweet couple to tell us a little bit about the other and their words melted our hearts and we knew that we had found the perfect couple.

I love the way he loves me, unconditionally. I know that no matter what can ever come our way our love is strong enough to get us through anything. He is the most dependable, loving, caring person I have ever met. I couldn't imagine waking up each morning next to anyone else.  I'm so excited to make him my husband. - Kati 

I love the way she pushes me to be the best I can. She is the strongest woman I know and its and awesome feeling being in love with your best friend. It doesn't hurt that she ain't too bad on the eyes. I can't wait to make her my wife. - Kevin

We had a blast at Dunham Farms and the Georgia State Railroad Museum for their light-hearted and sunny engagement session. Congrats, you two! We can’t wait for your wedding next year with Gray Harper Event Maker!