Our New Look | Illustrations + Logo by Emily Mayne


As creatives, we're always searching for better ways to showcase who we are. What does our logo say? What mood does our branding color display? Every two to three years, we sit back and look at all of this and question, "Are we conveying the perfect message?" For photographers, that's tough. At the end of the day, our style of photography answers this question for the most part. But when you break down a website, things get tricky. Is the website clean and fresh? Is it too busy? Can people see our logo clearly? What does it all say about us as a company? 

We started our journey with the talented illustrator Emily Mayne about a month ago. We told her we were looking for a simple refresh of our brand. We didn't want anything crazy and over the top. If anything, we wanted to simplify our brand and website. Plenty of white space, a clean neutral logo and some fun illustrations for us to use on our bio page. We wanted our website to be Southern, approachable and minimal. And Emily knocked it out of the park! 

YALL. This crest. We're obsessed. One of Emily's specialties is her crests. You can see more of them HERE on her Instagram. She does them for weddings, families, you name it! We loved the idea of having a simplified symbol for our company that we could use, in addition to our logo. In the design world, this is called a "Secondary Mark" that is used in conjunction with your logo to complete a brand. This little guy is PERFECT for situations where we need something small, such as our Facebook profile photo and for our Instagram photo! 

image 8.png

The world's most adorable illustrations, am I right?! On our old website, we felt like we weren't truly showing the world WHO we are. We talked about the company and all that jazz but who is Justin? Who is Amanda? Who are the PEOPLE behind the lens? We discussed this with Emily and we decided to do some illustrations of things that we both love! Three of the illustrations above belong to Justin. Three to Amanda. Head over to our "Our Story" page to see what belongs to who! We couldn't be more happy with these sweet illustrations by Emily! 

We absolutely hope you guys love the new look and the new website! Cheers to an amazing and productive year, all around! See more of Emily's work at www.emilymayne.com

xoxo - Justin + Amanda