Charleston Wedding Photographer | Favorite Guy Moments of 2017

We're taking a look back at 2017 and we have to show some love for the boys. We openly admit that the ladies get much more attention on the wedding day. It just happens. But what about the boys? Usually wearing many many layers, the guys are there working their butts off (even in the sweaty Summer months). They smile, laugh and we typically reward them with a beer or two. It's the perfect relationship between groom/groomsman and photographer. We've gone through and selected our top 5 favorite guy moments of the year! 


5. A Treat For Being Good

Emily and Liam were married on August 5th at Oldfield in South Carolina. August is easily our hottest month of the year with temps of 95 to 100 degrees. The guys were such troopers in their classic black tuxes. We do our best to keep our guys happy so every time they were good for the camera, we'd let them grab their beer sitting not too far out of reach. Lucky for us, these photos were just as good (if not better!) as any other! 


4. Floral Print For The Win

If you know us, you know we love a good floral print. At Emily and Kyle's wedding, we loved how they decided to get the groom to stand out from the rest: a floral printed tie. Paired with a dark brown leather shoe, Kyle easily stole the show from his other boys! 


3. Bury the Bourbon

Our absolute favorite wedding tradition is the burying of the bourbon. Created to keep the rain away, the bourbon must be buried exactly one month before the wedding day and it must be a new, unopened bottle of bourbon, buried upside down at the site of the venue as close as possible to where the vows will be said. We loved incorporating this fun tradition into our Farm Fresh Fete wedding editorial that can be seen in Volume 10 of Southern Weddings!


2. How to make the best photos? Have a good time!

I'll step out on the ledge here and say that Joshton's groomsmen were easily our most fun guys of the entire year. Despite the warm September weather at Atlanta's Swan House, this group laughed, joked and smiled from beginning to end. People like to ask: what's the best way to get fun, natural photos? The answer is simple. Be natural. Have fun. That's it! There's nothing else to it!


1. The Boys of Alys Beach

Drum roll, please! Our favorite guy moment of 2017 is easily Sid + Nick's wedding that took place in Alys Beach this September. Not only are these two the nicest of people, they're also pretty damn handsome as well. These two had an intimate wedding of only about 30 guests. By keeping the guest count low, they were able to go above and beyond with food, activities and fun. Each guest had their own bicycle to use the entire weekend to travel to all of the events. The guests were treated to a welcome bonfire on the beach, sunrise yoga and even a pajama donut party the final morning of the weekend. Seriously, how could it get any better?! See more of Sid + Nick's wedding day in the Spring issue of Flutter Magazine