Charleston Wedding Photographers | Bouquet Roundup | Our Favorite Bouquets of 2017

One thing you need to know about us: we obsess over bouquets. Like, a lot! Bouquets have come a long way over the past few years. Once very tight and round, florists have finally begun loosening things up, experimenting with different sizes and now play with new and exciting flowers! You want your bouquet to be fresh, lively, loose and showing little to no stem. A bouquet should be full of meaningful flowers. The days of baby's breath, hydrangeas and long stems to hold on to are long behind us. 

We have photographed over 40 bouquets this year and we've narrowed that list down to our top 5! So let's get into 'em! 


5. Lavender Surprise

Bouquet by  A to Zinnias

Bouquet by A to Zinnias

Surprise, you ask? Well, we admit that purple is not our favorite crayon in the crayon box. However, A to Zinnias managed to make a lavender inspired bouquet that we immediately fell in love with. Large blooms, fresh sprigs of lavender and just enough greenery was the perfect combination for Brianna's wedding day bouquet! 


4. Autumn Poppy

Bouquet by  bows and arrows

Bouquet by bows and arrows

We are constantly smitten by Alicia at Bows and Arrows. Her arrangements are always organic, loose and full of large blooms. Aka: she is our savior of the floral world. This bouquet was no exception. Poppies are typically seen in the Spring as they give off a light-hearted warm-weather feel with their pastel tones and large yellow centers. However, Alicia paired the blush poppies with some deep maroon blooms (a common color for Fall) completely changing the tone of the arrangement. This bouquet is perfect for brides wanting to give their Fall wedding a breath of fresh air. 


3. fall Perfection

This bouquet is colored similarly to our #4 bouquet. However, here we have a much brighter red in the mix. Red is a tough color as it can turn very holiday-ish, very quickly - think Valentine's or Christmas. Christy at Colonial House of Flowers is a true artist and managed to incorporate fierce red into Ashley's Autumn bouquet without any thoughts of Santa. By pairing the red with blush, mauve and even deep maroon she has created almost an ombre bouquet including every shade in the red spectrum. Doing so helps the bouquet seem important and cohesive - which is the ultimate goal! 


2. good gracious, garden

While a little smaller and rounder than we would typically love, this bouquet stole our hearts. If your bouquet is going to be round and/or small, the flowers themselves have to be meaningful. This garden-themed bouquet looks like you could have picked the flowers from the field yourself. A few poppies, plenty of garden roses and tiny daisies make this bouquet quaint, lovable and give it a human touch that we do not see in every bouquet. Kim at August Florals literally plucked some of these blooms from her backyard. And ultimately, that's what gives the arrangement so much Southern charm. 




Spring is absolutely our favorite time of year. Mother nature comes alive giving us every color of the rainbow. Within that rainbow, we are quite partial to citrus colors of lemon, orange, apricot and grapefruit. This bouquet is literally the embodiment of the citrus world - fresh color and soft greenery all coming together to form the perfect bouquet. Yes, Alicia of Bows & Arrows is stealing the #1 spot and finds herself on our list twice! This bouquet wins the top spot for being bright, organic and full of blooms that have plenty of charisma and attitude.