Christine + David | A Savannah, Georgia Wedding

Do you like hot dogs? 

Sure, I mean. I guess. Doesn’t everyone? While this may be true, you may not expect that a beautiful wedding happened because of this simple (and strange) question. 

David saw Christine and he fell. Fell hard. He knew he had to ask her out. So he walked up to her. Looked in her in the eyes. And asked “Do you like hot dogs?” She smiled…..nervously. But answered yes. Just a few days later they were both seated at a heated Columbus Clippers game…you guessed it… eating hot dogs. 

And that’s where it all started. Shortly after, a true relationship formed. Then an engagement. And now, a wedding. The two were married at Savannah’s historic Mackey House on a very warm day in July. But despite the heat, there was plenty of love and laughter to keep everyone cool and happy. Not to mention they skipped that traditional cocktail hour and opted into a pop-tail hour featuring a Southern favorite, King of Pops! Boozy popsicles on a hot July day? Yes mam! 

Christine started her day in her Savannah home with a bold no boys allowed policy. It was her time with her girls and her mom to truly savor these last few moments of her engagement. Girls draped in shimmery champagne helped Christine the whole morning making sure to not miss a stray hair or tussled train. It’s always such a special moment when a bride’s girls get everything “just right” for the photo. Little do they know, we’re not interested in it being just right. We’re interested in watching them be laugh evokers, helping hands, emotional supporters and bests friend to our bride. That, is what makes a photo just right.

Christine is of Chinese heritage and because of that not only did they have a traditional American wedding ceremony, they also held a Chinese tea ceremony immediately afterwards. This was such as treat to watch as we had never been a part of something so special. The couple serves tea to their parents and relatives and in return receives special family jewelry and heirlooms. Again, it was so incredible to watch! 

The couple then threw on their dancing shoes and danced the night away. The perfect ending to a warm Savannah, Georgia wedding day here in the South.

Vendor Love:

Catering: King Of Pops 
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Cake: Baker's Pride
Rentals: Ultra Pom
Catering: Magnolia Grill
Hair & Makeup: Beyond Beautiful By Heather
Suits: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Bridesmaids' Dresses: LuLu’s
Wedding Dress: Family Friend In Hong Kong
Florist: Josh Grotheer
Film Lab: The Find Lab
Videographer: Brandon Zauche Videography
Photography: The Happy Bloom
Venue: The Mackey House