Madeleine + John: A Forsyth Park Engagement

Madeleine + John have decided on a fun destination wedding. However, Savannah still holds a giant place in their hearts! Thus, they couldn't escape the beauty of an engagement shoot in and around Savannah's incredible Forsyth Park. 

We all have our soul mate out there. We may share interests such as the incredible music of Billy Joel. Or maybe art of the Renaissance. And then there are those couples who share an interest that means more than anything else here in the South: good, old fashioned, southern cooking. These two met and immediately connected their love for shrimp and grits. Now, if that's not a Southern Nicholas Sparks novel in the making, I don't know what it is! 

These two are so sweet and perfect for each other. Congratulations, you two! We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and well, shrimp and grits! :) 

Film Scans by PhotoVision.