The Happy Bloom Takes On the Big Apple! | Part 1

So a few weeks ago, we did something crazy. Something unusual. Something out of character. We were spontaneous. Even mentioning the word sends chills up our spines. We're not crazy or deprived. We promise. We are just people who enjoy a calendar, a schedule and an itinerary. Can it include amazing and fun things? Absolutely! But it should be on the calendar weeks and months in advance! 

Well, not this trip. We bought the plane tickets 3 weeks in advance. THREE WEEKS. And we regret nothing. We had the most amazing time in New York City. This was our very first time in the Big Apple and we spent six beautiful days exploring, eating, drinking and adventuring until we could barely walk any more. (No, really. The first day we walked 11 miles. We could barely walk.) 

As photographers, we photographed anything and everything! Thus, we're splitting our photos into two blog posts! Today you'll get our first half and next'll get the rest! Well, enough chatting. Here's the first peek at our exciting trip to NYC!

Fuji 400 | Contax 645 | Indie Film Lab